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3v3 Woodsball Tournament


TBA 2024 

- Doors Open at 7:00am

- Captains Meeting at 8:00am

- First Match Starts 8:30am Sharp



Friendly Fire Paintball

108 Grove St. Upton, MA 01568


- Teams may consist of up to 4 players

- Each team may use all 4 players within a given match (substitutions to be made in between each individual point)

- Players must register as a complete team

- Teams must select a designated Captain to communicate with officials


- Cost per team will be $150.00

- Entrance fees must be paid by TBA 2024 no later then 6:00pm

- Field Paint Only. No exceptions. Normal paint pricing.

- Tournament entrance fee will also grant you admission for public play.


- 3v3 elimination style

- Each match will begin with 7 minutes on the clock

- A point is scored when one team has been completely eliminated

- The clock stops once a point has been scored

- The next point will begin with the remainder of the clock time

- The match is won by the team who has scored the most points within the time allotted 

- A win = 2 points in the standings

- A draw = 1 point in the standings

- A loss = 0 points in the standings

- 5 point mercy rule

- Schedule format is TBA


- Prohibited items include; walkie talkies and all comms, paint grenades, first strike rounds, clay mores, smoke grenades and mines. 

- Friendly Fire Paintball reserves the right to allow or prohibit any equipment including masks, markers, and apparel for use in this tournament

- Field Paint Only! Again, no exceptions!

- Cheating will not be tolerated. Any players caught cheating within a match or otherwise will automatically forfeit that point,  A second offense by a player on the same team will result in forfeit of the current match. A third offense by a player on the same team will result in automatic ejection from the event. 

- Cheating includes the use of prohibited communication items, wiping, non-semi automatic firing paintball markers, playing on intentionally, use of outside paint, and any other violation left to the Head Referee's discretion 

- All referee calls are final! Arguing with the referees will not be tolerated. Friendly Fire Paintball reserves the right to eject any player or team that doesn't follow these rules

- Firing rate of 10.5 BPS

- Semi automatic or pump only!

- Guns shots don't count

- No surrender rule

- Chronograph onto the field 


- In the event of a tie after the completion of pool play, these tie breakers will  determine which teams advance to the playoff round (in order):

      1. Total Points Scored

      2. Head-to-Head Record

      3. Point Differential

How To Register

- Call Friendly Fire Paintball at (508) 529-7400

- Come by the field any Saturday or Sunday and register with us in person

- ALL teams must be registered by TBA 2024, no later than 6pm!!


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